Our Factory

Toolgal bases two hi-tech factories for the production of diamond tools and abrasives.

Our diamond factory houses several hot press sintering machines, cold presses and tubular machines for the production of diamond segment, diamond abrasive pads, and diamond grinding bits.

We do our own in-house developing of different bonds and diamond combination especially for the African granite market.

We also have an extensive range of products locally developed for the grinding and honing  of various types of cast irons, chromium steels and low carbon steels.

Our diamond assembly factory is fully equipped with high frequency brazing machines that can do automatic and semi-automatic brazing from small diamond blades up to 3.5m diamond saw blades.

Our computerized tension run-out machine allows our technicians to provide a finished product that adheres to strict European standards, this is a one-of-a kind machine in South Africa, and enables us to provide new and re-tipped diamond blades that adheres to the highest world standards.

For the tensioning of big block cutting blades (1.6m to 3.5m) , we minimize hammering on the saw blade by using our European designed and manufactured rolling machine.

This allows for rapid response without shortening blade body life from excessive hammering.

Investment cost into diamond saw blade bodies reaches thousands of Rands and this machine will prolong body life, and ensure better return on your investment.

For the production of abrasive products in the stone manufacturing process, our factory

Produces all the required consumables from automatic polishing lines, bridge polishers (F140/F170), side polishers down to hand tools (clip-on) used to obtain high gloss finishes.

Our quality control and standards are obtained and maintained by various machines and equipment in our factories. These include hardness testers, digital microscopes, chemical analysis, diamond sieving and diamond sorting tables.