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1m-1.8m Block Cutting Blades

Medium sized Diamond blades are locally manufactured for the following industries

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Wonderstone (Pyrophyllite)
  • Lime Stone
  • Multi-Blade Cutting for tile production
  • Construction industries
  • Hollow core concrete industry

Toolgal do carry stock of most medium sized blade bodies for a wide range of production processes in various industries.

These blades are having a bigger investment cost and the re-tipping of these blades is a definite economical advantage.

Blades are manufactured with very tight tolerances especially in the multi blade production for tile processing. This allows for minimum to none calibration of tiles and slabs after the cutting operation.

Saw blade segments are designed and produced to fit your application and requirements. The re-tipping process is being done in-house using high-frequency induction brazing machines with the required cooling procedure to eliminate overheating of the blade body.

The process of new and re-tip blades include;

  • Removing of used diamond segment

Great care is being taken in the removing of consumed segments to ensure minimum heating requirements. For new blades this process is not required.

  • Grinding of peripheral of saw blade body

This allows for the removing of any excising brazing materials that may lead to contamination when the new diamond tips will be married to the saw blade body. Further it will also allow for a clean, smooth, and wider surface area for the new segment to bond to. “Bulleting” of saw blade landing is a common concern, and the grinding process will reduce this phenomenon.

  • Cleaning saw blade surface

The saw blade is surfaced cleaned either chemically or mechanically to ensure the complete removal of lime, rust or other foreign material built-up.

  • Pre-inspection

Prior to re-tipping, all saw blades undergo an inspection process to ensure that the body are  still in good working condition.

  • Re-tipping process

The new diamond segment as per customer requirements are brazed onto saw blade body with precision, all segments also undergo a strength and visual inspection to ensure good adhesion between segment and saw blade body.

  • Opening of segments

Saw blades then undergo a opening process where the saw blades are placed on a “opening machine where the peripheral of the blade, thus segments are opened using a grinding process.

  • Tension run-out

All saw blades undergo a final inspection where the tension, run-out and dish of the blades are again checked and adjusted according to European standards. Toolgal uses a one of a kind in South Africa computerised tensioning machine and rolling machine to reduce hammering on saw blades.

  • Packing/shipping and delivering

Saw blades are then ready for collection, shipping or delivering depending on prior arrangements. We do provide the services of courier companies around South Africa and exports to other countries.